Dart Instruments ~ David Dart ~ Luthier ~ since 1966

David Dart started making stringed instruments while still in high school in the mid ‘60’s at the Folk Music Center in Claremont, California. David now lives and makes instruments in Navarro, California, currently specializing in Guitars, Hawaiian Lap Steel (Weissenborn style guitars), and Mandolins. Dave has made instruments for well-known musicians, Ben Harper and David Lindley, among others.

Mandolas, mandolins, luthier

Spring 2014:
- New Concert Ukuleles
- f-5 Mandolin
- Guitars available now
- Mandola, The H-5 with f holes is warm, strong and balanced. Now $5,500 Custom tailpieces. Includes hard case.

Dart Instruments
Dart Instruments


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