Dart Instruments ~ David Dart ~ Luthier ~ since 1966

Hawaiian lap steel guitars, acoustic guitars, mandolins, Ukuleles and more 

David Dart started making acoustic stringed instruments while still in high school in the mid ‘60’s. He began working at the Folk Music Center in Claremont, California after high school. Mr. Dart has been a custom instrument maker ever since, building a variety of instruments including Guitars, Hawaiian Lap Steel Guitars (Weissenborn style guitars), Ukuleles, and Mandolins. Dave has made instruments for well-known musicians Ben Harper and David Lindley, among others. Instruments are custom ordered, or selected from Inventory.

Featured Instrument

Mandolin family instruments


The Mandolin family consists of Mandolins, Mandolas, Mandocellos, and Octave Mandolins
-Mandolin tops and backs are hand carved to create an arch-top
-Mandolas are larger than Mandolins and therefore have deeper, fuller tone and sound. Tuned a fifth below the mandolin, the mandola has more sustain than the mandolin.

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